Alterations –

Alterations are not just alterations. We want our clients to look good and save money by extending the life of their clothes through our alterations and clothing repair services. We do skirt hems, pants hems, replace zippers, add zippers, button replacements, replace lining in skirts, pants and jackets. We can even up-cycle one of your favorite clothing pieces.


Sewing Classes –

We are very proud of our sewing classes!  Our classes are design to teach our students the Art of Sewing as well as Clothing Design. Our classes include mathematics, spatial design, color theory, and problem solving. We believe everyone is creative. We want to help our students tap into their creativity.  Each class provides an opportunity for the student to sew with a commercial pattern and create an item without a pattern.   For the ease and convenience  of our students we supply the sewing machines, pins, needles, and scissors and etc. .2450c5cf8edbc671541b15de6282a431


Personal Stylizing-

Many of our clients struggle with bringing their look together. We help refine their style while keeping “their look” their look. We understand everyone has personal flair and a signature style. We just help them identify and own it.